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Shorelink’s engine of business is trading refined petroleum products distillates. These include:

  • - Gasoline
  • - Gasoil
  • - Aviation Fuel
  • - House Hold kerosene

These products form the core items of trade and are either imported directly from our international trading partners or via coastal lifting through a strategic alliance with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
Through a strategic investment in a robust storage facility combined with efficient trading platform, they have been able to consistency compete favorably in the downstream segment within their market area.

We are competing to be the largest oil marketers, but we are heading to be the most efficient marketers in the downstream sector in terms of availability and delivery.

SHORELINK takes its fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders and investor seriously; we are highly motivated and take responsibilities to the society, customers, suppliers, and contractors. We believe it’s our responsibility to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Looking at our core values, integrity, team work, excellence, and caring for people we firmly believe in the fundamental importance of trust, openness and professionalism, and pride on what we do.

  • To transform positively petroleum industry through people, partnership and performance.
  • Delivering winning solutions that inspire generations.


SHORELINK believe exemplary performance in the areas of environmental, health and safety (EHS) is essential to fulfill our business goal and objectives and meets the expectations of our stakeholders.

Occupational health and safety values will not be compromised. No job is so important and no task is so urgent that the necessary steps cannot be taken to perform it’s safely and maintain the health of our employees and the public.

At Shorelink Oil and Gas Services all managements, supervisors and employees will foster a work environment that holds employees and contractors to be accountable for full implementation of this health policy.

SHORELINK OIL & GAS is committed to:

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